Rich Feldheim, in his capacity as Senior Advisor, Communications, offers knowledge and expertise drawn from a long and distinguished career in marketing communications, media and advertising.

Until 2010, Rich served for 20 years as President of Wyeth Advertising Inc., a subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation (later “Wyeth”), the largest in-house media planning and buying service in the United States.

In that position, Richard was responsible for a $250 million advertising budget for numerous OTC and Rx products, including Advil, Robitussin, Centrum, ChapStick, and Enbrel.

During Rich’s tenure, Wyeth Advertising was widely recognized for its keen marketplace awareness and meticulous attention to detail.

Before his position at Wyeth Advertising, Rich served as Director of Advertising for Whitehall Laboratories, a division of American Home Products. American Home was one of the global leaders in both prescription and non-prescription products.